Some people say that direct mail doesn’t work. This is where they are completely wrong.

SG, LLC was founded by Dovi Frances in 2010. This company is a global advisory firm that operates in the US, Russia, and Israel. When SG began, they sent out direct mail pieces to try to generate new business. One of the people who responded just happened to be a tech billionaire from Silicon Valley who took out a policy worth $201 million. That’s right…. $201 MILLION! This is a new record for Guinness. This policy more than doubles the record that was recently set for $100 million.

The firm has represented the billionaire since he responded to a direct mail solicitation in 2010. I am sure this person has plenty of contacts in the financial industry, but he did respond to a letter, postcard, snap pack or other type of direct mail piece that he received in the mail.

This person will remain anonymous for the obvious reasons. “We don’t want hit men running around Palo Alto trying to find him — or members of his own estate,” said Frances.

Some of you may be thinking, “why would a billionaire need a life insurance policy of $201 million.” Frances said “Most billionaires have their value tied up in hard assets and maybe don’t have so much cash immediately available for such a big hit.” This will also help his heirs avoid paying a 45 percent inheritance tax upon his death.

According to CNBC, the insurance policy is split between 19 companies since no one company holds “more than $20 million or so” of risk. The billionaire chose to remain anonymous for the obvious reasons, but SG did say that it was a well-known Californian tech investor.